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Travel Blog-Day 13

This is a blog about my 36-day trip through Nepal, India, and a little bit of China.  I’ll make one post roughly every week until it’s all finished.

Day 13: Gorakhpur-Kushinigar

Got into Gorakhpur at 9am.  Went to the bus station, which was easy enough, for the trip to Kushinigar.  I was told the busses for Kushinigar were at the end of the road.  Halfway, a bus tout stopped me and asked where I was going.  When I said Kushinigar, he said this was the bus.  I asked “how much”, he looked into the air and said 50rs.  I kept walking.  Got to the end of the bus “station” It’s not really what we in the West would consider a “station”.  It’s a road filled with busses, that’s it!  Well, at the end of the “station” there was the bus for Kushinigar.  It was 37rs.

Instead of a two-hour ride, it really was three hours, because of all the road construction, which seems to be going on everywhere I’ve been.

I get there, I find Café Yama, which Lonely Planet recommends if you need any help or have questions.  A Mr. Roy is the owner.  I walked in, hadn’t slept all night; it’s burning hot.  I must’ve looked horrible.  I asked if he knew anywhere I could stay?  He recommended the Chinese monastery next door.  The Tibetan monastery was being renovated and had nothing.  I went to the Chinese monastery, found a Vietnamese monk (why Vietnamese I don’t know) and got a room.  A pretty good room too.  Other than the Vietnamese monk, I am the only person here.  As far as I can tell, and Mr. Roy thinks this is true, I am the only Westerner in Kushinigar right now.

I had lunch at Café Yama.  Mr. Roy’s wife made Tibetan Thukpa (noodle soup of sorts) for me.  It was the best I’ve ever had.  I went to my room, took a nap, awoke at 7pm, went and had a sprite, came back and went to sleep.

Map of Kushinigar

Thai Stupa at Kushinigar


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