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Travel Blog-Day 19

February 24, 2013 1 comment

This is a blog about my 36-day trip through Nepal, India, and a little bit of China.  I’ll make one post roughly every week until it’s all finished.

Day 19: Lumbini-Chitwan

Today I left Lumbini for Chitwan.  At the Lumbini Village Lodge they said it was a four-hour trip.  The bus ticket office said about four hours.  We left at 7:00am; I got to Narayangarh about 1:00pm.  I have to get to Sauraha, which is where all the hotels for independent travelers are.  It is raining, I get off the bus, a cycle rickshaw wallah says he’ll take me to Sauraha for 50rs.  I say fine.  He drives one block, says here are the busses and demands 50rs.  I gave him ten; he just smiled and didn’t say anything.  I get on a bus, which I’m told is going to Sauraha.  They drop me off at a crossroads, point and tell me it’s that way.  Guys with 4WD vehicles are saying they are the only way I can get there and it costs 500rs.  I see some pony carts and ask, they say 50rs.  I get in, it’s stopped raining, but now it’s really hot.  The guy is beating the hell out of this poor pony and laughing.  At one point the cart itself rolled into a mud hole, they pony was actually in the air, they driver is beating the pony.  No one gets out of the cart except for myself and one other guy.  The weight of the pony now brings him back to earth and we continue.  This lasted about 45 minutes.  I didn’t get to Sauraha until 2:45pm.  I get a room and look for food.  Everything is two to three times the price of anywhere else in Nepal.  It’s very touristy.  There are a lot of touts.  I get dinner, its not too good, but edible.  I go back to my room and realize it stinks from mildew.  I decide to move in the morning.  The cool thing is I saw a whole row of pachyderms walking down the street.  That is quite a sight.

Donkey Cart at Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Donkey cart at Chitwan National PArk, Nepal


Working elephant on the street in Chitwan, Nepal.


The main river in Chitwan National Park, Nepal.